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Hello. I'm new to the site having bought a 2010 Bailey Olympus to tow with my 2014 Citroen C4 Picasso. Looking for ward to resuming caravanning after a 20 year rest. As a 79 year old widower I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew!
Hello. We are new to caravans but buying our first one next Saturday (Bailey Senator 9000). Myself and my wife have two small children and two small dogs and we are looking for adventures here in Ireland and abroad. Regards, Seán.
I have read your item regarding replacement of the BCA charger with a Sargent PX300 and would like to do this . Do you have any additional detail on how to connect to the existing IEC input plug and 12 volt output connector
Thank you for your enquiry.
The Sargent unit is very easy to connect into the systm as Sargent supply the necessary adaptors witht the charger.
Hi Everyone. Proud owner of a new Coachman Laser 575 Xtra. This is our 4th Touring Caravan having previously owned an Elddis Avante, Bailey Barcelona and an Elddis Crusader Storm.
Hello there, I have a 2007 swift sundance motor home and the control panel reads leisure battery low and keeps switching itself off. I have checked the battery and is reading 12.5 volts, would anyone have any ideas what might be wrong . Thanks
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Many happy caravan memories with hubby, now having to go it alone 😥 Seasonal pitch at Callander Woods Holiday Park. Wishing I'd paid more attention to little technical issues 😂 🤷‍♀️
Need help. My caver fan heater stays on after its turned of at switch on wall. The fan is not running but the unit is on and hot. If you turn it on at switch the fan works fine and the air is warm out if the vents.
Hi Vulcan.
How much of a hurry are you for the jack.
I'm a Police Driver Trainer and have a course starting on Monday 20th December. I have free reign over where I go so I could drop it off or meet you somewhere nearby on the Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. Otherwise I can post it.
Let me know.
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Hi Deckchair

If you let me have your delivery address I will arrange to post the liner to you


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Keith, thank you.
39, New Park, Castle Hedingham, Halstead, Essex. CO93HH.
Please advise of postage costs etc.
Kind Regards
I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and get another new battery, there was no warranty I can think of, as it was bought on ebay by my wife lol
hi we are off to devon for 3 weeks widdicome farm we hope the weather comes good cheers .tom
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Hi I hope you have a fantastic break enjoy
hi been away i cant believe how the audi q5 performed 2tl diesal my old car i had to fill up on the way to devon but this car pulling the van from kent to devon just over the half i just cant believe it my old car was 2.9 tl hyundai terracan but what a great car for towing you felt safe great cheers .tom
Hi Tom The q5 car it would be a easy to tow your caravan to devon i hope you had a lovely break :)
Hi, I have recently started using a motorhome as the office, an E510. Currently there are faults coming up which bearing in mind it is a 1998 Hymer and it has been used fortnightly every year until this one (2020), perhaps it is due to shock usage! Solike homes things are going to give up! But not the owner ... hopefully. Thanks for reading this, Adrian