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    Trim a Thetford toilet to fit?!

    Hi all We've just picked up an older Bailey Pageant Bordeau and are looking to start working on it, from the back to the front... Starting with the bathroom: it has an ugly beige set of C200 Thetford toilet and oddly un-findable shower tray with the drain at the back (nearest the toilet) We...
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    Whale ivan screen

    Hi could anybody help. I went to get my van (bailey pegasus gt65) from our storage facility and give it a once over to get it ready for hopefully going away covid and all. But when I switched on the master switch the whale Ivan panel is just not working see pictures any help where to star to...
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    Bailey running light position

    Is there any reason why I can't remove the upper front nearside running light on my Bailey unicorn Valencia Mk4? It is positioned so near to the awning rail that I have twice dragged it off when fitting the awning and now I have lost the outer cover completely as I hadn't realised it was loose...
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    Bailey Ranger 500/5 bunk bed issues

    Hi, this may be a long shot. But I was wondering if anyone knew which cushions are used to created the bunk bed in a 2007 Bailey Ranger 550 to create the 5th sleeping area. We are able to fix up the bunk bed in the rear dinette however we are unable to figure out what cushions are used. Thank you :)