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    Leisure battery terminal, is it rust or something to be concerned about?

    Hi, We store our leisure battery in the house in a cupboard under the stairs over the winter, I took it out of the van about 2 months ago. The cupboard is where we store a few other things (coats, shoes, other boxes of things not used often). I’ve just gone to get something out and noticed...
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    The joy of off-grid caravanning

    Recently I've been to a couple of off grid sites and thoroughly enjoyed it. I stopped for three nights at a temporary site for the Royal International Air Tattoo and more recently, weekend just gone, I stopped near South Cerney for the vintage show. The latter is close to my storage and...
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    Lesuire battery issues please help!

    Hi all! We are having issues with our lesuire battery. It's a sealed lead acid battery (numax LV26MF 100ah). Everything has been working fine in the van for the past 2 months, but now it seems to not be able to take alot of power, without the solar panel being on it can't seem to hold or give...
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    Bailey Unicorn 2 Cartagena not charging from towing vehicle

    My Bailey Unicorn 2 Cartagena is having issues charging the leisure battery from the towing vehicle and running the fridge. It charges fine and fridge works when hooked up to mains or gas and the solar panel is charging the battery fine. When I hooked the car up and turn on the engine, the...