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    How to clean the roof of a caravan?

    How do you clean the roof of your caravan? Do you use any specific products or cleaning tools? Also, how do you reach the top of your caravan? I'm not sure if this seems obvious but is it safe to stand on the roof of your caravan to clean it? It seems much easier than having to stand on a ladder.
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    How to clean/ take care of your caravan awning ?

    Does anyone have any tips on how to clean your awning? I also noticed some mould on mine, how could I clean this off without damaging the awning, but also what can I do to stop more mould from growing? Another thing I've found is that I tend to get a lot of condensation building up in my...
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    Cleaning cushions with (un)removable covers

    We can't be the only ones with this problem. The covers in our Bailey Olympus caravan cushions are designed to be removable -- they have zips. But they're also buttoned which prevents the covers being removed (see photo). How does this work? What's the best way to clean them? They desperately...