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    Carrying an extra gas cylinder

    If I wanted to carry a third small cylinder for a BBQ with me, is there any reason this shouldn't be carried inside the caravan? I would stow it in the cupboard underneath the cooker where there are drop vents and fit the appropriate strap to keep it secure and upright. It would be removed...
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    Thetford fridge not working on gas

    Arrived on site today and attempted to start on gas to cool quicker. It's the first time I have tried it on gas since buying the van. I should have tested it before as it's now out of warranty. When when I hold the dial in you hear the gas flowing, you press the igniter a few times and...
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    10kg gaslite to caravan regulator

    Hi, newbie van owner here. Just coming to the end of our first 6kg calor gas propane bottle and I've opted for a larger 10kg gaslite bottle (same weight as the 6kg calor gas). The new gaslite bottle takes a 27mm pushfit and I wanted help/confirmation on what is needed. My understanding is that...