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  1. Gixergupster

    Make/Model advice for newbies please

    Hi guys… we’re about to purchase our first ever caravan. We’re looking for a 4 berth 2014 onwards with a fixed double bed and modern interior. So far we’ve liked the look of:- •Lunar Clubman SE •Bailey Unicorn Valencia •Coachman 575 We have about £15000-£17000 All thoughts/advise would be...
  2. T

    Moved in and cold, AC giving issues.

    Hey, this is the first time in god knows how long I've done anything with a forum and its the first for this kinda topic. Bear with me as I have unfortunate propensity for rambling and going off topic and have... Basically no knowledge of anything. Got all the books on a table, will update and...
  3. S

    Tips to Save Money on a Caravan Holiday

    thinking of planning a little holiday soon, does anyone have any tips on how I can save money on a caravan holiday for a newbie?
  4. Elliehome2

    Hello campers :)

    Hey! I have a caravan, me my boyfriend and dog go on travels around the UK, we had damp but we got it sorted, how are you? hugs I'm Ellie :)