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  1. Seawolfgb

    New member

    Hi everyone. We are now retired and have been caravanning on and off for the last 40 years. We have just taken delivery of a "new to us" Swift Challenger 580 se and have a question regarding the 20 watt solar panel that comes with it. I have been told this is wired straight to the Sargent power...
  2. H

    Caravan Homestead Home

    Hello everyone! Firstly new to this apologies if this is in the wrong place. However! I want to give you a scenario / Hypertherical set up (at present). I hope you will be able to help us with some basic questions. We are seeking to buy some land and eventually build a home on this land. We...
  3. C

    The joy of off-grid caravanning

    Recently I've been to a couple of off grid sites and thoroughly enjoyed it. I stopped for three nights at a temporary site for the Royal International Air Tattoo and more recently, weekend just gone, I stopped near South Cerney for the vintage show. The latter is close to my storage and...
  4. M

    Solar panels, 12v cool box, no battery charger..... Advice please.

    Hi everyone, hope all are well. So appears my 97 Elddis Alfresco doesn't have a charging unit. I assume it's previous owner removed it for some unknown reason. So my question... If I purchase this - Do I simply use...