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  1. B

    Renovating an Old Caravan

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I've been given an old caravan. It's a Chateau 320 ELITE. Age is 1983. It's 11ft long. Right now it looks horrendous on the outside. The inside isn't actually too bad overall but there have been some leaks. From my first investigation the leaks seem to have...
  2. CDB_at_PCF

    Help identify model no. for vintage stove

    Just over four years ago, as I was moving house, we were clearing up the house and garden I found both a still-working vintage Taymar caravan stove and a gas cylinder to go therewith, which I used for a few days before it became unsafe to do so, finding it a very impressive piece of kit in that...
  3. A

    How Much is this trailer worth?

    Dealing with a family estate.. Found a 1982 Burstner travel trailer "City" - Purchased new while father in law was stationed in Germany. All original, including a large tent that attaches to the side of it. Not musty/no rodents etc. Needs some new weatherstripping (and serious updating of...