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  1. Seawolfgb

    Re-routing the waste pipes under the caravan

    Hi All, I often use fully service pitches and find that most of them have the drains at the rear. Sometimes the fall for the drainage is'nt that great when running flexi of rigid (or a combination of both) resulting in slow drainage at the sinks in the van. I just wonder if anyone has moved them...
  2. A

    2005 Adria Adora 562 up waste water

    Im a very new owner of my 2005 Adria Adora and in fact I have only had it for around 2 weeks now and spent 3 nights in it. So the shop that sold me the caravan did not tell us anything about how to use it, which was one major issue and did not tell us about the grey water. Anyhow after looking...