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    Maypole MP1805 tow bar socket tester, 13 pin

    Nice handy bit of kit. I thought I would invest in one after water in socket shenanigans. At least then I can test it prior to a trip to ensure no issues. It's a bit pricy at £39.99 for what it is, a bit of plastic with some LEDs mounted and connected to a trailer lead, but never mind...
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    What is this fuse for? Burstner C530tk tripping rcd

    Can anyone tell me what this 5A fuse is for? It's the missing one at the bottom, shown in the close up pic. Just checking the electrics on our 2006 burstner c530tk, which we bought during lockdown and have been doing up, and have found a problem. This 5a fuse was out, when we put it back the...
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    Leisure Battery on my VW Caddy Maxi

    Hello everyone! I seek help and advice installing a leisure battery on my new VW Caddy Maxi! It's a 2015 model with blue motion technology, therefore smart alternator and break-regen and all of that! I searched for battery chargers and recently bought a " Schaudt WA 121525" booster because...
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    Bailey Unicorn 2 Cartagena not charging from towing vehicle

    My Bailey Unicorn 2 Cartagena is having issues charging the leisure battery from the towing vehicle and running the fridge. It charges fine and fridge works when hooked up to mains or gas and the solar panel is charging the battery fine. When I hooked the car up and turn on the engine, the...