Mar 14, 2005
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Hello Beverly

It shouldn't be difficult for a competent electrician to fit suitable sockets in your van.

Please dont think that becuase it's 12V its safe, It is just as capable of causing wires to overheat if poorly installed or damaged.
Jul 15, 2005
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The Eriba Touring vans are fitted with a complete 12V system, and looking at my Eriba Triton I see:

1. A BIP battery charger / multi stage conditioner to keep the 12V battery fully charged if connected to site power

2. In our case a 110AH 12V battery

3. Next to the battery live terminal a set of 12V in-line fuses correctly rated for the proposed appliance use - one fuse for the 12V lighting, another fuse for the 12V power points, another for the 12V fridge circuit, etc. The fuses are the normal car type plug-in fuse mounted in a small holder.

4. Wiring of the correct amp grade for the task in mind - this is a German van so the wiring is specified at 2 X the maximum current. Single core copper wiring is better than multi-core ina fixed installation

5. The wiring is laid in trunking, either a flexible plastic tube or a small square section with removable top

6. Correctly rated sockets - Eriba use the nicely engineered DIN sockets, but the UK 12V sockets and plugs can be obtained from most caravan shops

None of this should be a problem for an experienced DIYer.

We use the 12V supply to power a Sony World Band Radio, a Sony hard disc MP3 player and HK On-Tour amplified speakers. One of Eriba friends also uses the 12V supply to power a flip down 8" wide screen LCD TV.



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