12v system

Mar 14, 2005
Went to the caravan on Friday and found the battery flat. Non of the 12v appliances would work despite being hooked up to the mains. I always understood that mains electricity would run 12v appliances. Am I wrong or could something else ba amiss?
Mar 14, 2005
Hello Chris,

Most caravans do have a power supply fitted (battery Charger) which should chareg the battery when mains is supplied. It is necessary to ensure all the relevant power switches are set corectly, and for that you should refer to your owners manual.

There could of course be something wrong, a fuse may have blown, or if the battery has been discharged or over charged for some time, it may be permamantly damaged and need replaceing.

As a general rule most chargers will have some sort of 'Mains power on' indicator. If this is active then mains is ok, and it points to a problem on the 12V dc side.

If you are not confident with working on the elctrics I strongly suggest you use the services of an electrician who should be able to identify the fault and recommend the best course to repair it.
Aug 31, 2005
Chris; my guess is that a fuse has gone. When we bought our van new (for us) in August this year I spent HOURS trying to fathom why I was getting zero 12V into the vab despite it boing hooked up to the mains. The solution was that a fuse had blown.

Hope it's as simple for you

Mar 14, 2005
On handover of our Jubilee Statesman I asked where the fuses were and was shown the ones to the road lights/fridge etc.

On investigation another set of fuses was discovered under the bottom of the wardrobe floor.

When we were in Holland we met a couple who had the same van and the same problem as you.

They could not find the fuse which was the problem and when I pointed out where Swift in their wisdom had mounted the unit less than complimentary words were aimed in their direction!!


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