12v TV's

Oct 16, 2010
I have been looking for a 12 volt tv for a motorhome. Can anyone tell me whether the Avtex and Vision Plus brands are really better for mobile viewing as opposed to a regular tv suitable for domestic use, I believe these two appear to be more robust whilst being transported around, although they are much more expensive.
Anyway advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks!


Mar 26, 2008

We've used a couple of cheaper supermarket own brand 12v TVs in the past and found them to be reliable enough, but heavy and the angle of viewing had to be fairly precise, otherwise the picture quality dropped markedly.
We're using 2 x Avtex digital TV/DVD combis in the MH at the moment and the angle of viewing is not so critical, the picture remaining at a high quality, even when viewed from oblique angles.
If you genuinely need 12v to release you from the 240v umbilical, then "regular tv suitable for domestic use" possibly won't be sufficient for your needs.

We have no regrets paying the extra for the Avtex and for us they have been worth the money. They are lightweight, robust, reliable and have several other features, including USB and card reader slots which allow us to view digi camera images while away.
Being lightweight allows both to remain on their brackets for travelling and the lounge TV (behind the driver) also operates while travelling, which is a godsend on longer journies, allowing the kids to watch DVDs.



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