2.0 1998 Mondeo Ghia

May 8, 2005
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I currently own a 1998 2.0ltr mondeo ghia and am looking to tow a 1997 abi prestige. The van has a max permissable weight of 1360kg and a user payload of 250kg. My car handbook says that i have a kerbweight of 1350- 1500 but does not give model specific info. I spoke to ford and they say that the mondeo has a max tow weight of 1500kg.

As this will be my forst caravan i just want to be carefull, has anyone towed with this car and at what weight was the caravan.

Also what weight does the average family load into the caravan, i.e would i ever get close to 1360kg. Any advice would be great
Mar 14, 2005
My experience is that unless everyone in the family exercises a fair amount of self-discipline, you will always get close to the max. permissible total weight of the caravan when it's fully loaded up. 250kg is a reasonable payload but it won't leave you with a very big margin if all the family's holiday stuff is on board.

The kerbweights that the manufacturers publish should be taken as a guideline only and it's to Ford's credit that they quote a range. I have yet to find a car where the published figure ties up with an actual measured kerbweight. Usually, if only one kerbweight is quoted, it is for an absolutely standard, no options, no frills model. The actual weight of most cars will often be significantly higher (over 100kg is not unusual).


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