4 Dogs Is that just silly

Oct 7, 2019
We are thinking of getting a caravan and will take our dogs how hard will if be to get sites that accept that many.
They have never been in kennels and seem to struggle more to get sitters if we want to go away.
So our thoughts are get a caravan so we can take with us, there are beautiful parts of the UK and we love our dogs like kids, so it would be as much their holiday as ours.

Advice/thoughts please


Mar 14, 2005
You would have no problems in most places, but to be sure it is best to ask the site owner before going.
There is no problem at all with Caravan Club sites and Camping and caravan club sites.
I have 4 dogs and they go everywhere with me.


Mar 17, 2007
Do check the small print, there are some sites that say there is a 2 dog limit. These sites are in the minority but best to check. Behaviour may be a more important factor, If they are dogs that bark whenever another person or dog walks past, and one starts the other 3 off, you may find objections from site owners, not to mention fellow campers. Generally caravan holidays are great for dogs and their owners.
Nov 16, 2015
We have two dogs a lab sized one a small Jack Russel sized one but some sites want to charge upto £3.00 a day per dog. And do not provide bags etc,. Why, a rip off, a lot of sites state two dogs only. Some sites state dog wallks, and they are a strip of grass Three yards by a hundred yards, I will not name the place near to Whitney , . Where there are others that have maybe two rotated fields that are mown with footpaths like, The Turbles , near to Worcester. I hate it when On Cl/CS site we are told dogs have to be on lead, which I agree with, then the Cl / CS owners dogs wander over, only to Snapped at by our dogs.
Rant over.
Nov 6, 2006
We have a dog. One dog. You wont have any trouble with multiple dogs on CAMC sites, where there are usually more dogs than humans due to there being no limit. Last time out one guy had 6 no less.. Its almost as though its a site for dogs who have brought their human pets on holiday...
Sep 5, 2016
Always remember seeing a chap on his own in a two berth caravan at Minehead and he had two Irish wolfe hounds with him inthe caravan it must of been minging in there,
Sep 7, 2019
There won't be many problems and you can take them to most of the places. But, make sure you carry them to the places by confirming from the respective site owners.
Aug 1, 2017
Being a dog owner we always take ours with us when in the Caravan. I get up in the morning and take the dog straight out so it does not soil the pitch, the dog goes for at least 5 - 6 walks a day to prevent that. It does annoy me if dogs bark every time someone walks past and the owners do nothing to stop them. It also annoys me that people permit their dogs to soil the pitches. On one commercial site recently before pitching I had to clean up 3 piles of pooh where the previous owners had been too lazy to pick it up. Personally speaking I believe there should be a limit of 2 dogs / pitch, but they are part of the family and sites don't restrict families to 2 children (but you do pay for them). Those people who complain about dog's on sites there are plenty of Caravan sites around the country where pets are not permitted. Likewise there are plenty of adult only sites. The 2 major Caravan clubs allow dogs on their sites and if you select the sites carefully there are many that have a park adjacent to the site.


Nov 12, 2009
What individuals decide to do with their own caravans is entirely up to them, if their caravan has lingering smells or wear and tear caused by pets, they will be the ones taking the financial hit if they decide to sell their caravan.
I'm no longer a dog owner but I have no issue with responsible dog owners on sites, if the dogs are walked on leads and kept under control around pitches and any 'residue' is picked up and disposed of properly that's fine, the owners are following the normal rules governing dogs on site.
The majority of responsible dog owners on sites follow the rules, but there are always one or two who decide that the rules don't apply to them.
I've lost count of the times that we've been walking along on sites minding our own business only to be confronted by one or more dogs bounding toward us off their leads.
The owners always reassure us by telling us that their dog or dogs are friendly, as they usually are, but we if we wanted to be jumped up and to have muddy paw prints and dog hairs all over our clothes we'd get our own dog, thanks.
The owners who really annoy me are the ones who tell everyone that they 'pick up' after their dog(s), and they do if they know that somebody is watching them.
When they don't know that they're being watched they either carry on without picking up the mess or they pick up, place the contents into a plastic bag and then either throw the bag into bushes or worse still hang the thing from a convenient branch of a hedge or bush.
I've seen distressed dogs locked for hours inside caravans, earlier this year over a scorching Bank Holiday at a music festival the RSPCA had to be called by organisers to deal with dogs locked inside boiling hot caravans and motorhomes, the respective owners were all asked to leave the festival without refunds, and rightly so.
I'm not a dog hater, I've looked after dogs since boyhood and had several loyal long lived best friends until poor health made the prospect of us having one unfair to the dog, but I have issues with irresponsible owners who simply ignore a few basic rules which make everyone's stay on site a pleasant experience.
The O.P. asked '4 dogs, Is that just silly?'
My answer would be, that's up to you. It's really silly if you ignore the rules but if you are proper responsible dog owners then there shouldn't be a problem.
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Sep 5, 2016
Three yesrs ago at minehead ccsite a couple in a two berth caravan had two irish wolfhounds and a jack russel in their caravan ,
Jan 31, 2018
Great post Parksy-as you say it isn't size of dog or how many that is the issue it is the owners and what they do. WE only took up caravanning because we had a dog and didn't want to leave him-the money we spent on abroad hols has gone in to buying a new caravan and a car that would tow it; he is part of the family and we want to holiday with him. He doesn't bark (unless we are teasing him ie playing and he gets excited ) but we NEVER leave him in the van or car-if shopping it's a one person at a time shop and one of us sits with him. Visits eg castles etc are purely one at a time while the other looks after the dog. YES he is spoiled but we chose to have him,not the other way around!
People who don't pick up drive us nuts-we actually picked up after someone else at Brimham rocks- we stood and watched her watch her dog and then walk off in an area where children were doing a trail-unbelievable-wish we'd had the guts to confront her but one lady saw it too, and we had a conversation along the lines of-look at her-is it worth it-lets just do it-we picked up and since she was on the direction of the bin, she took it away. We ALWAYS have lots of bags available and my wife once did say 'would you like a bag for that?' but people are so aggressive these days.
No one is perfect but it isn't difficult-I did forget a bag once-forgot to 'refill' and retraced my steps in suit and tie on the way to work to corrct my erro-got some funny looks. The sorts who don't pick up etc give dog owners a bad name. I really hate that! And of course persistant offenders end up spoiling it for the many-none of the fields near us allow dogs for eg! Very sad.
Nov 21, 2019
We tour with four small dogs. We love them dearly. However, the only way that we can cope with four dogs in a caravan is for them to be very well behaved.
We always pick up after our dogs - and after other dogs if we see mess littering footpaths and play areas. We are all too aware that we are an easy target to blame if irresponsible owners fail to pick up.
I have tackled such owners if I catch them at it, but I agree with JezzerB, people are so aggressive.
It's a shame. One way to get people going on a forum is to mention dogs on campsites and wait for replies about noise and poo (similar with kids!) Unfortunately, the irresponsible minority give all owners a bad name and we have had some very upsetting and unjustified encounters because of this.
Mar 14, 2005
Whilst there are plenty of sites where dogs are accepted, I think it should be remembered you have no automatic right to assume all sites will allow dogs. You are actually being allowed onto someone's private property, and you are beholden to play by their rules. You agree a contract and the sites rules form part of the contract's clauses.

Sometimes restrictions are the result of planning regulations, or antisocial behaviour orders, but a site has the perogative to choose to exclude or limit numbers or sizes of pets, children or single sex groups provided the restrictions are not illegal.

I'm not sure there are any statutory instruments that define what constitutes a dog walking area.

So as with any purchase or booking do you homework and make sure the site and its facilities suit your needs before booking.



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