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Feb 1, 2011
I have just purchased the Ventura S2000 as advertised by Capital Stores in the Caravan Club magazine. It descibes it as coming complete with the ASCi database of campsites which includes all the Caravan Club sites. I have since found that many Club sites don't appear in the listings for an area and some may appear as symbols only on the map. An example is the Minehead site which appears on the mapping but not in the list of sites! Troutbeck Head doesn't appear in either list or mapping.
It is very disappointing to have spent over £300 on a product only to find that it doesn't perform as advertised. Strangely enough the Camping & Caravan Club sites all seem to be mapped! May be it relies on these clubs/organisations supplying all the correct info in the first place?
Has anyone else found this missing data to be the norm?
On the plus side, having used it for several journeys by postcode alone it performs well and has very clear mapping and the vocal direction instructions are clear and loud enough (even the female voice is one you can love with!).
Jan 23, 2011
Hi Simon,
The user reports I have seen on the Ventura Sat Nav have all been positive.
If it's not giving you the information that it describes in it's advertising, it's contrving the Sale of Goods Act (unless it has the features & you have still to find them).
I would suggest a word with the Dealer first, or an e-mail to Snooper via their website, I think will solve your problem.
Nov 19, 2010
Simon Godden said:
(even the female voice is one you can love with!).
Too much information Simon!
Sep 29, 2010
My suggestion would be that if you're finding it a good navigator, don't give it up because of incomplete listings, which are a secondary - but handy - function. There are other ways to bolster your site-seeking capabilities.You can search ACSI's database from an Internet-ready mobile phone, for example. ACSI has a pared-down mobile version of its website available which is easy to use and doesn't munch up too much of your mobile data allowance. Prices are all provided in Euros, though, even for sites in Britain, which is a bit annoying. UK Campsite has a mobile site too, but it's not as polished as ACSI's.


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