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Sep 24, 2022
Any ideas why my amp meter in my bailey Pegasus Verona caravan keeps flicking from high to low it only stops when I turn the awning light on
Mar 14, 2005
Hi JohnyB

Its very difficult to diagnose some problems through a forum, as some diagnostics may be required to correctly identify the problem. If your caravan is new or recently purchased, it might be worth contacting your seller.

However, I have come across strange electrical behaviour previously in older caravans, but of course there's no certainty your caravan has the same problem, but.... A caravanner was using his caravan at home on mains power, He had removed the leisure battery as he didn't think it was needed. If fact the caravans charger did need a battery to help smooth the current from the charger, and without the battery the 12V supply was rippling with big enough dips to cause his space and water heaters systems to think someone was turning them on and off 100 times a second (twice mains frequency due to the full wave rectifier in the charger).

But having checked out the Pegasus Verona It seems it's unlikely to be that old as newer caravans do have fully rectified and smoothed power supplies.

Most likely somethings faulty and it may need a caravan tech to investigate.
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Aug 24, 2020
As Prof has said, it needs a proper tech to get hands on and investigate - if it were me I'd check for a dodgy ballast resistor in the ammeter as a first step.

I'm assuming this is the ammeter in 12v circuit? If it's a mains ammeter then def something dodgy which a qualified tech should look at.
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Oct 8, 2006
Bailey don't generally fit ammeters, voltmeters yes. They do flicker a bit, but the fact that imposing a load on it with the outside light suggests that there may be an issue with the 12V switched mode power supply (again what Bailey usually fit.) The OP will need to measure the voltage across the battery terminals when the flickering is occurring and when t is not and see what the meter shows.

For those that do not have the necessary test kit, Screwfix 95426 at just under £20 will do all you want. It is a contactless mains tester, a digital voltmeter, and a 13A mains polarity/connection testing plug.



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