Bailey front and rear panels cracking

Mar 22, 2005

I have a bailey discovery 400 whitch is 11 months old on cleaning it ready of easter I have found splits in the top of the rear ABS panel both sides. I have been to the caravan talk 2 forum web site ( and there is a posting there with 5 of us with the same problem . Is there anyone else out there with the same proble we all have Bailey Discoverys and rangers 2004 model most were made around feb ,mar time

Please inspect you caravan I think if there are many more not been found yet and the factory should do a recall and replace both panels !!!

Wot do you say?????
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Steve, I find this very concerning as we purchased a new Padeant last year, but have not cleaned it yet, I'll look it over soon and report back if I find anything wrong, good luck with your van, and hope it fixed sooner rather than later.


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