Best Hitchlock?

Dec 13, 2005
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Can anyone recommend a good hitchlock for a new Bailey, please? - it will need to fit over the ALKO 3004 (which is virtually the same as the 2004) stabiliser. Is the ALKO one the best - I see it's been recently upgraded - compared to the Bulldog etc?

Mar 14, 2005
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I had an Alko AKS2004 lock fitted to my new caravan and was

unfortunate to have some LOWLIFE prize it off in an attempt

to steal the van..Have seen the new reinforced lock and must

say it is an improvement on the old one.

HOWEVER...When fitting ANY lock we are only buying time in trying

to protect our caravans..The determined thief will stop at nothing.....Please do not rely on a Hitchlock on its own.Take as many measures you can, as they may be put off by more locks to remove..Good Luck..

I now have:-

2 Wheel Clamps (different types)

A Hitchlock

Tyre Deflators

Leg locks

Factory fitted alarm.

Over the top I Know but it leaves a nasty taste when some

scumbag has been inside your van..
Jun 11, 2005
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I use the Alko hitchlock but I have seen photograhs of how thieves can clamp around the van's drawbar annd render the hitchlock useless. So I always use two wheelclamps and two leg locks too. The Alko is good for locking the hitch when connected to the car so at motorway stops the van is more secure. However your oufit may go walkies! But there have to be limits.


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