BP Gaslite

Jan 25, 2012
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BP Gaslite propane is no longer available in UK. If you call the BP Gaslite phone you get transferred to Flogas. They say the Lite bottles are discontinued (for safety reasons?). I still have a Gaslite 10kg bottle with 5kg of gas in it and use it when travelling to Spain in the winter. When in Spain I use Spanish propane which only costs 15 Euros for 11kg!
I have a receipt from BP which guarantees the 50% refund of my £25 deposit. Where do I stand on this? You can still buy BP Gaslite in Belgium and Holland but the connector is different from the UK connector.
Any ideas?
May 7, 2012
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The receipt will probably have terms and conditions referred to on it. If so you need these, if not you should be able to reclaim half the cost but how you do it might not be easy to find now.
Nov 11, 2009
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When Calorlite was first subject to recall I looked at Gaslight. That was around Autumn 2017. Then BP had transferred the sales to Flogas and I wasnt impressed by the limited number of outlets. One Gaslight owner I spoke to git his refills from Homebase. Since they were shaky at the time I decided to stay with Calorlite. I suspect Calor probably won’t replace Calorlite with a replacement lightweight bottle as they pretty much are the principal supplier to the caravan and motorhome market. So if you have a captive audience many of whom use EHU and very little gas why invest good money?


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