Brake problem

Mar 14, 2005
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I've got a 2002 Sterling Eccles Jewel, which we've owned from new. Every time its been serviced I've complained that the left hand (near-side) brake doesn't work properly in the reverse direction, ie. jack the caravan up, apply the hand brake and the offside wheel locks and cannot be moved in either direction, the nearside one prevents the caravan moving forwards BUT can be moved backwards (there is some resistance, but not a lot). Each time I get assured the problem is sorted. I've just jacked it up to take the wheels off & guess what? Yep, its still not sorted!!!!

Anyone know what the problem is (other than an incompetant service workshop)????
Jul 15, 2005
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There is a small cam that releases the brake shoe when the van is pushed backwards by the towbar (If you look the cam should be just to the rear and blow the end of the brake shoe inside the hub), so it may be that the cam is stuck on-side or just poorly adjusted.

Oct 1, 2005
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to test it properly :- jack up the van, both wheels off the ground at the same time.

If its a standard (unassisted handbrake) pull it on 3 clicks, the wheels should be locked in the forward direction only, rearward rotation should be free.

Next pull on the handbrake to its maximum (or as hard as u can get it) go to 1 wheel and try to turn it backward, it will either click in and lock, or feel resistance, go to wheel 2 turn it backwards it should click & lock up, go back to wheel 1,, turn backwards again, if it hadnt locked, it should now lock up, if it doesnt the brakes need adjusting

Assisted handbrake thats the type with a piston in the handle :-

Gently lift the handle the wheels should be locked in forward only rotate wheel 1 the handle should automatically engage harder and the wheel should lock in reverse or again resist, do same to wheel 2 it should be locked go back to wheel 1 and see that its now locked.

The last type is called boat trailer brakes, it has no rachet cogs at the bottom of the handle and is about the same as an assisted handbrake but its much fiercer than it when putting it on.
Dec 23, 2006
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Who has serviced your caravan? Why not name and shame the service company, or take the caravan back and complain loudly. You paid good money for a service.



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