broken toilet

Nov 2, 2005
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I have asked this question before but have lost the thread and can't remember what it was posted under.

The motor in our thetford toilet has gone, what part do we need and how do we fit it?

Is it difficult to do?
Mar 14, 2005
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Hi Smiley

I've done this job on my Avondale Landranger (97) with a bench type thetford toilet. It's a relatively simple job. The motor is located under the toilet roll "well". The "well" pulls out with a sharp pull. The pump is fixed vertically in a by a bracket at the bottom held by one screw.

One needs to drain the flush water tank first to see the screw. Once unscrewed, keep the screw, the pump and bracket lift out. It is worth checking that the pump impeller is not just fouled with black bits or other gunge in the flush tank. There is a small hole in the base of the pump through which the impeller can be poked with a small screwdriver. If it is just gunged up you might not even need a new pump.

If the pump still does not operate, or keeps stopping, you will need a new pump. The job is relatively simple but you will need crimpers, to crimp the electrical connectors and an electric heatgun, although we used a hairdryer. Pull off the water pipe from the old pum and cut the electrical wire as close to the pump as possible. The new pump comes with a fitted short piece of eletrical flex with connectors and a heatshrink tube. Put the heatshrink tube over the wire FIRST and then crimp the connectors to secure the 2pump flex cores to the wire in the tank. Ensure that you have a good connection on the flex by running the pump and then melt the heatshrink tube with the heatgun to COMPLETELY cover the connectors as this will be immersed in the water of the flush tank and so must be watertight. As there is only one heatshrink it is essential to ensure that you check the electrical connections before you melt it on. (I had to use my wife's hairdryer on max as eldest son had been kind enough to borrow and blow up my heatgun -it did work but I think the heatgun would have been quicker!!!!). Then replace water pipe on pump, push fit, and secure pump back in place with screw and bracket, the new pump was slightly different shape and came with a new bracket to suit. It's a bit of tight fit screwing the pump back in but possible. Replace the toilet roll "well" and sit back and enjoy!!!

I did my pump about 6 months ago and its been fine ever since. The pump cost about


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