Buying my first caravan.

May 22, 2005
Now I know the basic accessories needed once I've got a caravan, thanks to all those that responded, my next step is to find the said home from home.

I'm reading the mags, joining the CC, and visiting the dealers, but I'm sure some of you out there have some useful, and money saving, tips to aid a buyer. I know roughly the size & weight for a 2 berth minimum, or maybe a 4 if funds will stretch that i want and am use to towing, albeit cars and boat.

I've bough & sold cars over the years so dealers don't hold any fears for me and I always ask for a discount. Is it best to buy new, young second hand, or private?

May 12, 2005
If you've never caravanned before I would suggest a second-hand one from a dealer - atleast you get a guarantee, may be only three months but... It could be a bit tricky buying privately as the most expensive problem is damp. All depends on how much you want to spend.

We have just gone back to caravnning after a break of 10 years and bought a 1997 van to see if we still liked it, we kept it 18 months and have just taken delivery of a new one with a fixed bed (wonderful invention!)

Hope you find what you are looking for - good luck!
May 23, 2005
We bought our van a Sprite Major privately after seeing many vans at the dealers and being very dissapointed with them. We have been lucky as I only found out the things we should have done after going to a CC approved caravan workshop after discovering damp, we still, after all the repairs, have a fantastic van that with the initial cost plus repairs was a good buy. I believe you get more for your money privately as you will get all the bits that go with the van ie awnings water carriers etc. The most esencial piece of equipment you need, however you buy it, is a damp tester. Do not go near a van that smells beware if the wallpaper has been changed. I was told to jump up and down and if the floor felt spongy walk away. The chap that repaired ours goes out to check vans for people that buy privately so there may be a repair shop near you that will do the same.
Mar 27, 2005

I would agree with Jo.We purchased our first van a while ago and we looked at the dealers first and were appalled at the rubbish they were selling. In fact in the end we got a van off the e-bay auction site. It is an immaculate, five year old one owner Lunar. It came with all the kit and a brand new awning. We payed
Mar 14, 2005
Buying from a dealer will put profit into their account not yours. The trade off for this is your getting peace of mind.

However, from what I have seen this peace of mind can soon evaperate if you have a problem.

Having bought one caravan from a dealer and one privatly I am happy with both. The dealer is an excellent small independent firm that came highly recommended. When I go back to buy bits he often lets me have them at trade cost. I trust this firm and have recommended them.

The caravan I bought privately was from an elderly couple who were sad to be giving up caravaning. They were delighted that "their caravan" was going to a good home.

Just keep an open mind. There are loads of caravans out there, don't rush into the first one.

Act in haste repent at liesure is very true

Best of Luck
May 25, 2005
Buying privately could be a minefield. Apparently there are up to 50 caravans a month stolen in this country. Some of them not reported to 'Chris' for many months, as they may have been taken from storage and the owner wouldn't know until he went to take his c'van out! I would be reluctant to hand over my hard earned cash to an unscrupulous 'dealer' and have the police role up on my doorstep several months later to take it away. I appreciate not all people who sell c'vans are sharks, but BUYER BEWARE!!! Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.


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