Carver fire problems

Jun 1, 2018
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For what ever reasons our fire did not come on . It has been working ok but as weather has been good have not used it on gas since last May. So removed mico window and blew air to dislodge any thing which could be there. Still would not ignite, have good spark, gas in all other appliances and so far cannot tell whether gas is coming into the fire. My local guy cannot fit me in till next May (he is that busy)) . So presume it could be burner problem but at moment pondering how to get to it without taking fire out. Please do not mention safety as in a previous life I was registered with Corgy. Would appreciate any help, thank you.
Mar 14, 2005
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Hello pastiche,

You don't tell us the exact model of heater, so the accuracy of any advice will be limited. But assuming it was fitted as standard Its most likely a roof flued version.

If you can see a good spark, then there must be a problem with getting gas to ignite at the burner. Thee could be several different reasons for this type of difficulty. but more often than not someone has not turned on the isolating valve in the caravan that feeds the heater.

If gas is getting through to the heater, then it can be the operator not pressing the gas valve down first to open the flame failure shut off device. But on the basis you claim to have CORGI experience then you should be aware of these points.

Blocked burner or more likely blocked venturi tube. This is often the result of a an insect, or possibly corrosion debris.

If the caravan has been flooded the injector can be compromised which can also happen with some gasses which produce a build up of a sticky crystalline substance around the injector.

Access to the burners is obtained from underneath the caravan by removing the air intake system. This can be done with the heater in situe, but its easier on the bench, but then of course the heater 's flue seals need to be replaced.
Sep 29, 2016
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As opposed to blowing air into the various areas to dislodge debris (my view is that you may force unwanted detritus into the area you are attempting to clear), try using a vacuum cleaner with small nozzles to extract foreign objects.

I have had success with this method in the past.

Good luck, hope you resolve the issue(s) soon.


Mar 14, 2005
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Quote " So removed mico window and blew air to dislodge any thing which could be there."

Big mistake !!!! That window should never be removed or interfered with in any way.
You MUST get new seals for it there is no option to not get them, before you use the fire again.
That window properly sealed is the only barrier to CO entering the van from the fire apart from the main flue seal.

I know this sounds hard, but if you do not know what to do with a product, DONT touch it !!!! Get someone who does .

Quote " Please do not mention safety as in a previous life I was registered with Corgy."

Really !!!! Try CORGI, and if so then perhaps it is best that it was in a previous life and not practicing now !! Hard but true..before everyone jumps on the bandwagon complaining about my post.