cascade water heaters

Mar 14, 2005
getting my elddis gulfstream ready for the first outing of the year, i am getting no lights on the control panel for the cascade 2 water heater for the gas side, the electric side is working ok, the battery is well up , as is the gas bottle .the handbook tells me what to do with the different lights ie red , red green,amber, how to purge the gas system etc , but nothing about no lights at all .as usual it was working last year ok.if anyone can help thanks
Mar 14, 2005
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The green light shows power up to the switch so no green power to the switch. Older switches are fused in the switch so test these and make sure their connectios are tight. Later push button switches are not fused in the switch but should be fused further back and it's also worth checking the wire connections at the back of this type of switch


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