Changes to CAMC caravan insurance

Mar 14, 2005
Breaking the habit of a lifetime by reading the small print I found some changes in my recent renewal notice.

Probably the most important is the change in use of security devices. Until now you had been able to leave the unhitched caravan for a maximum period of 8 hours e.g. with the van on a site when you go shopping . This period has now been reduced to zero such that it seems you need to use hitch or wheel locks while on a site and also set the alarm if you have an alarm clause in your contract.

Thought this may be of interest to others insured with CAMC
Mar 14, 2005
Thank you Ray.

I no longer caravan, so your specific point is not relevant to me, but the more general thing to take from your posting is the need to look at the small print on policies.

I suspect most people may check the details when they first take out a policy, but often don't bother when "renewing" it. The fact is that most policies last for a year, and when the year expires your invited to renew, but technically it's not a like for like continuation your signing up to, it's a re-NEW-al which is why insurers can and do change the policy wording, and sneak in changes and often new ways to limit their liability under the policy holders radar.

Good insurers should make it very clear to policy holders of the changes, often they will provide a "changes to your policy" document, that outlines any differences, but it is still worth checking the full terms and conditions, as sometimes explanatory notes may not capture the full impact of the changes in the t&c's.
May 7, 2012
I take what the Prof says and he is correct that technically at renewal you are negotiating a new contract. To comply with FSA requirements though the changes have to be notified to you at renewal, if not the FSA would probably not support the insurer in the event of a claim. Having said that this brings it into line with all, or most other policies so the point is worth noting even if you are insured elsewhere.
Jun 20, 2005
My CAMC renewal last month came with a letter by post and email confirming the revised security arrangements.
I’m not surprised. The chavs hang around motorway services watching for unattended caravans


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