charge for electric scooter

Jun 1, 2005
Can anyone help me. We like to do the rallies but with my electric scooter it means that when the battery goes flat i have to use my manual wheelchair but if anyone knows of a way to charge up the scooter battery when on rallies with no electric i would be very grateful. I have asked a garage to charge it but unless there,s one close to hand that makes it out of the question. Help...
Mar 14, 2005
Hello Erica,

You do not say what voltage your scooter battery is, but I assume you have a mains charger unit for it.

One solution would be to obtain an "inverter" This takes 12V dc and produces 230V ac (Same as mains). This can be used to power your normal domestic charger. I wold recommend that it is only done from the when the engine is running to avoid using too much power from your caravan battery.

I would hope that fellow caravanners would have offered to charge it for you if they are running a generator etc. I am sure most would be prepared to help.
Mar 14, 2005
My wife has had two electric scooters and they both worked from 12V.If that is the case with yours you could charge the battery direct from the car alternator en route by having a connection in the boot to the scooter battery either in situ or removed .If you have a cigar type socket in the boot you could just run some heavy cable via a fuse to the scooter battery.I would have a fly lead from the scooter with a 2 pin plug and a socket on the lead from the car battery/cigar socket eyc.


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