Check your bookings !

Oct 12, 2013
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So after looking forward to this long 5 day trip to keswick today i rang the site (wednesday) to see if we could get there a day earlier (thursday) but when i rang the site they told me i had booked the pitch with no awning and site was fully booked so i have had to cancel my keswick visit cos I can't do a long weekend with no awning up , so I am now booked into a new CL site at Leyburn where I haven't been before but at £14 per night with services so I will report back on that one literally 2 minutes down the bank from the Lower Wensleydale Club site

So when you book on line check what you've done !!

So anybody wanting a pitch at Keswick Club site there is one going now .

I'll probably get a little black mark beside my account number on the club website for cancelling to short a notice.

Happy Easter all .


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