Cleaning your caravan (without your own driveway)

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Jan 3, 2012
Mobile caravan valeters are often excellent -sometimes with own water supply?....but expensive ...and some are cowboys.
Go by reputation if interested.
Never had my caravan valet while we own it :D
Apr 13, 2021
I can fit our smallish caravan and my sons big twin wheeler on the drive and close the gates (just) and we have a ten metre wide area in front of the gates before the A road so that is where the car goes when my sons van is with us out of storage. I am fully aware that I am luckier than some in the fact that I can plug both the vans into the garage and I have a really long hosepipe that will even stretch to the car.
It is still a mammoth job though so I have invested in a new pressure washer which is pressure reduced by twisting the nozzle. I am going to try it on the car first to see if it is any use I needed a new one anyway
so whats to lose


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