Clip On Sink Drainers

The following message was show in the Ideas Section of Practical Caravan and was submitted by Terry Davis from

Wroughton, Wiltshire: 'While the average caravan sink is adequate for most purposes, the draining facilities are often far from it. Our answer was to buy a plastic 'add-on' drainer, which fits neatly on top of the cooker cover and provides enough drainage space for even the biggest wash. When not in use, it stores out of the way on the wall of the toilet compartment.

Can Terry or anybody else advise where one of these add on drainers can be obtained?
Mar 14, 2005
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Worktop Drainer Tray 42360

Space-saving drainer tray to make washing-up easier. Place over your worktop and it will act as a second draining board channelling water back into the sink. 40 x 49 x 4cm.found on the betterware web site
Jan 19, 2002
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I have a beige one to match the sink colour that was bought off a market stall in ?Banbury. You may be in luck at in a traditional ironmongers store. I think they sell one in the 'Betterware' catalogue, and what about via the lakeland plastics website? The latter is a mine of useful gadgets!


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