Credit cards in Spain

Mar 14, 2005
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This year for the first time ever, I told my credit card issuer that I would be in spain for January to march and please not to block the card for "unususal spending pattern" etc. all well for first six weeks, then wham, card blocked for a relatively small transaction - £350 - on a card with a credit limit many times this amount and fully paid up.

Bank now tell me they issued a request to the merchant for "voice confirmation" which they did not get - I was there and he got no such message. Well, carry another credit card, they say. yes but this is even more likely to get blocked for "unusual spending pattern". Well call us, they say. Sure but they only work 9-5 weekdays and Saturday mornings. Refund my direct losses I say - commission charges on alternative source of currency plus mobile phone charge - c.£25. No way they say, retailer should have called.

So a bank closely associated with motoring and caravanning blithly tells a long standing customer that it's just bad luck and i must stand the loss never mind the embarrassment and anxiety.

Anyone have any ideas what to do about it - needless to say my complaint at Director level has already been sent.


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