I'm thinking of going to Croatia next summer, anyone had any experience of towing that far and whether it's worth it when you get there. If so any ideas as to where one should stay. Many thanks in advance. Chris
Mar 14, 2005
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Glad to see someone else has the spirit of adventure. We are planning a trip to Slovenia next May & June (6 weeks). However we are initially going to Potsdam (Berlin) then south to Prague and then onto Slovenia heading for Bled. At the moment we are in the early planning stages, I have an idea of a route and have sorted out "terminus" caravan sites but would be happy to share ideas with you, either here or on a "one to one" basis
Mar 14, 2005
We went to Croatia in the summer. It's worth going once but I don't know whether I'd bother a second time. The old towns along the coast are well worth seeing but don't expect any sandy beaches. Campsites tend to be huge (a legacy from the communist era, I suppose) and frequented by lots of Germans.


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