Aug 15, 2005
Iv just been out in my coachmans geinus 500/50 and was giving it a good clean when i pulled back the lino in the four corners and their was a lot of damp can any1 tell me how this could have happend and how to stop it and fix it and how much willcost me.
Mar 14, 2005
Are you saying all four corners are damp? If that is so, I don't want to get you worried but then you've got one BIG problem on your hands. If it's the corners, it's usually the joints between the sidepanels and the front or rear under the awning rails that are no longer 100% watertight. But it's difficult to say for sure because water can creep from elsewhere, too. Best thing would be to remove as much interior cladding as possible to try to ascertain the origin and size of the damp area.


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