Nov 11, 2009
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hi all hope you are all well has any body gone to devon and how is the covid down there we are going to widdicome farm in sept it is in south devon cheers all .tom
Look at the BBC news app and you will find a Covid search tool that gives details by county. But asking what it’s going to be like in September is a bit like asking which nation will win the Six Nations.
Throughout the pandemic the SW has been lower compared to other areas. We would like to keep it that way. 😂
Jul 3, 2020
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It hard to know who to believe, you hear reports that the R rate is increased but then again it really depends where you're too.

Take Somerset where I live, If you took Somerset as a whole, then you go eek, but dig a bit deeper, then a whole different story comes out. Certain area's like Bristol, Bath have lot more cases than other places in Somerset, So it's really been very dependant.

Same goes for Devon, Exeter would have suffered more than other areas the more remote areas have done better.

So its a case of following the guidelines when dealing with any crowed area.
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Aug 11, 2005
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We've just returned from 10 days down at Start Bay near Dartmouth. Plenty of people around although understandably it didn't seem as busy as a 'normal' August. Pubs and shops all had good covid procedures in place and in general people were sensible and respecting the social distancing rules. The Caravan Club increased the people allowed in each M/F toilet block from 3 to 6 whilst we were on site and that made things easier for those using the facilities, by reducing the queing.
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