dismantling mixer taps

Nov 21, 2018
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I am replacing the microswitch on my Reich bathroom mixer tap. To get the wires down the inside of the tap body I will have to remove the cartridge, but am struggling to find out how. All the details I have found refer to a brass nut within the body. My innards seem to be all plastic, with a blue retaining ring. I will try to post a picture. Any suggestions?
Jan 19, 2002
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Photos now visible and detailed and if I reply your post goes to the top and may generate some more replies for you! Indeed I have replaced the cartridge in one of my mixers, but it was held in place by a large brass nut that screwed inside the body of the tap as you described. By the look of the photos yours may be held in place on a 'bayonet' principle and twisting it a few degrees would allow it to lift out. Do you know the exact make of tap as manufacturer sites often contain 'exploded' diagrams, or with that info you could give a supplier a ring for advice.
Sep 26, 2018
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I had a domestic Bristan sink mixer, and the cartridge was a push fit... Although there was a large retaining ring over the top. All I will say is I pulled, and the old cartridge bust... I then needed to borrow very long needle nosed pliers to "persuade" the rest out.
Jul 20, 2016
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Micro switch taps are an absolute pain in the bum! The micro switch packed in in my old caravan. Two micro switches later, i ended up getting someone out to change the tap. It was so hard to get the wires down the tap body, every time i tightened it up, it severed the wires!

Thankfully my new caravan has the pressurised system.

The guy who changed my micro switch tap did offer to change the system and put in a pressurised pump, but i knew i would be px the caravan soon so decided to go with just a new tap instead.


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