Dover fiasco.

Mar 14, 2005
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Hi Everyone, We have just returned from France. The crossing Dover - Calais, P&O ferries. That is all that was good, BEWARE you now have to pass through French passport control before checking in. This takes time, and if the port still have their cones out for directing you DO NOT drive thro'the lane that implies no lorries, Drive around the barrier that is down, otherwise you will end up out of the port like ourselves and numerous other drivers did!!! Make sure you allow 1 hour for getting thro' both passport point run by the French police and check-in. I also have news on the hi-vis vests actual statement as follows:- "European law now requires all vehicles to carry reflective vests, for drivers AND their passengers, for use in the event of breakdaowns or emergencies" EU ref: RD1428/2003 and art. 162 cod4 bis4 Ter - CDS 2003. Its nice to know it's not just for us caravaners!!!


If it is EU law as you quoted, does that mean it applies in the UK too.???


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