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Jun 20, 2020
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Hiya. Does anyone use the Drivesmart satnavs to get to the caravan sites and do they make a difference regarding better roads and diversions that they offer you and are they worth buying. Thanks
Nov 16, 2015
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I don't know about Drive Smart, I have an old Snooper 2000, which has Ccc and Caravan & Motor home sites and 90% of European sites on it, it's programable for weight and size of caravan, and yes it is worth it. It takes me around towns if nessasary, and on one trip in France around a very hilly area which would have been terrible with the van on the back.
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Nov 11, 2009
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I have a Drive Smart 61 LMTD which I use in preference to the cars satnav. It updates via wifi and with lifetime maps i get at least four updates a year. I use Garmin's Basecamp to programme routes especially abroad, but in UK i tend to just leave it on Quickest Route. Basecamp allows for selecting Heavy Truck option but I tend not to use it. What I normally do is let it navigate me to near to the camp sites own ""Arrival Instructions" are when I then take over from the satnav. I supplement it with a view on Google to familiarise myself with the arrival route and when traveling to new areas we always print off a Google route that I have programmed and carry a map book too.

Ive never taken the Drive Smart alternative routes when it pick up potential delays as with the van on the back I prefer to stay on the planned route unless unavoidable. Official diversions will normally be okay, but there you dont have much choice.

I see the new Drive Smarts have Alexa which I wouldn't use. Having Siri, Alexa and Subaru Voice commands all together leads me to envisage one expletive and I am being offered a range of personal services.:eek:
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Jan 3, 2012
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I also dont know about Drive Smart but we have a Garmin nuvi 57 LM it come with free lifetime maps easily search addresses, lane assist, display speed limit, & cameras we both like to use it for a back up .
At present i use my car satnav so far it been brilliant .
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