Driving from Le Havre ferry to Camping Domaine Catiniere.

May 6, 2005
Can anyone tell me about the route from the ferry to this camp site? How easy is it to find in the dark( arriving 22-30 hrs)?

I understand there are some very low tunnels on the way out from the port to the site. A woman last year altered the size of her motor home!! Where are these tunnels and how do you avoid them.

Mar 30, 2005
The tunnels are intended for CARS only and are on the way out of Le Havre - high vehicles are meant to use the lanes which stay at ground level and go through a series of traffic lights - the roads run parallel except for the junctions, where the high vehicles have to stop for lights and the cars can go under the junctions using the tunnels. There are warning signs and low hanging metal tubes to discourage overheight vehicles from trying to use the tunnels.

We saw the campsite (it was still shut) when in France at Easter, as we too will be driving to it from Le Havre following an afternoon crossing - looks fairly easy to locate, just over the Pont de Normandie.


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