Embarissing 'broken bed' moment !

Mar 14, 2005
When my wife and I were first married (17 years ago), we went to visit her grandparents and were given the grand pleasure of staying in their new caravan in the garden as the bungalow was so small! Well like I said 'when we were first married' so needless to say, yes, that's right...unfortunatley somehow we managed to completely break the sliding bed slates and only realised in the morning when we came to make the bed.. We had a long in-depth discussion on how we were going to overcome this little problem, wondering wheter we could simply slide them back into the storage unit without them noticing, we came up with a cunning plan that DID NOT involve 'coming clean' as to how they really did break. Off I went to have a wash in doors (we only had the pleasure of the bed that night, no hot water) to leave my wife who lost the toss to tell her dear old granparents the bad news. Well the first thing I bumped into in the garden was dear old Grandad outside the van watering the plants, I said good morning and scurried off to the bathroom...It was then through the bathroom window I heard the words ' Grandad, did you know your bed was broken'.....of course I had not been able to tell my wife (as this would of looked suspicious) that Grandad had been outside the van and probably heard everyword we had said, so knew the truth anyway...He is in his 80's now, bless him, and as I know his daughter (my wifes auntie read's this forum) I guess this is kind of a confession, yes all be it the chicken way!

Amyway, needles to say now that we own our own caravan (which still has a slatted bed), not much action as we are both scarred for life ! ;-)
Apr 11, 2005
What A brilliant story !!! I bet poor old Grandads cheeks where burning!!!! (as well as yours) !!!!


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