Extinguishers and fire blankets.

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May 24, 2014
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Being lighthearted about a serious subject, the sound of a creaking floorboard at night has me up and on the prowl. The alarm on my phone is a bugle blowing the charge, I kid you not. My wife hates it but it works.

On the serious side, I make sure that the window stays on the largest window are loose, and side catches unfastened. Only two to lever and thats a secondary way out for us. I also make sure that the torch is by my head, and that the route through the awning to both doors is not blocked by chairs. Also the door that we dont use in the awning isnt pegged unless it is stormy. As for an extinguisher and fire blanket, I dont have either. The rule in our family is "get out, and stay out". As we usually only use gas for cooking outdoors, the gas supply is normally turned off.


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