February 2017 - Archie's Camping update on line

Dec 14, 2006
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There is a new update available for Archies Camping on line now. For those who have not yet used Archies, this is a website and App which gives details of more than 30,000 campsites in Britain and Europe, including details such as POI's, opening dates, distance from main routes, telephone numbers, and more, and these can be downloaded on to a variety of SatNavs, or used on a laptop, and there is now an App for smartphones which can be used off-line.

In this Feburary 2017 update, in addition to a lot of additional new campsites, are details of the sites offered by Camping Cheque as well as the Camping Card sites (ACSI).

Also in this update you will find more and more opening dates for campsites and Archie is keen to keep adding up to date details, so if you have information about any changes to campsite opening dates please let Archie know by sending an email via the link on the website.

Of course, any other information which will improve this database would be very welcome too!
Nov 19, 2010
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Thanks Val - and please pass on our thanks to Archie too!

(Hey, just noticed this is my 1300th post on here!)

(Even sadder, I see from the user list that I've posted far more than anyone else! Lizzie is second, Graham third. Maybe I should take a holiday!)


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