Flat or Convex Towing Mirrors

Jul 15, 2005
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Hi Vicky,

The difference between a flat and convex mirror is the "viewing angle" and the convex mirror gives you a "wide angle" view of the road behind.

When you fit a convex towing mirror to your car, you 'll see a much wider view of the road behind the you; so it doesn't matter quite so much about aligning the mirror, but it's best if you do, and then you'll be able to see much more behind you.

The downside of the convex mirror is that vehicles behind you will look much smaller (and consequently further away) than they do in a flat mirror. You need to get used to this effect and make allowances before manoeuvring.

If your car door mirror has a warning message engraved on the glass or a line of vertical dots down part of the glass - then all or a section of the mirror will be convex - and you'll already have an idea of how much more you can see and how much smaller the cars are.
Nov 6, 2005
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A convex mirror has a much wider field of view but objects appear further away than they really are. Some drivers can't get used to this and prefer to use a flat mirror.

Like quite a few cars, nowadays, my drivers mirror is a combination - mainly flat but with a convex section on the outside so that I can see cars in the outside lane even as they start to pull alongside.