Floor going rotten

Apr 9, 2013
Reading the various forums, it seems we are the last one's to discover that the flooring in Swift Sundance 580PR motorhome is a disaster. We have had regular habitation checks at a local Swift caravan dealer, who do not specialise in motorhomes. It seems that the damp checks only show up what is inside. This has sprung from underneath, and has rendered the floor rotten, and needs costly replacement. The dealer we bought it from told us that Swift is aware of the problem, and informed its dealers to check at habitation, but obviously we have slipped through the net. Perhaps we should have used our dealer, but they are a couple of hours away, and the one we used, a reputable caravan dealer, is a 10 minute drive from home.
We had the job assessed and were told the flooring is based on cheap and flimsy ply, and needs to be replaced with marine ply. We cannot believe that a company like Swift would produce such shoddy and" unfit for use" workmanship. We have tried to contact them but so far are being ignored. The van is out of warranty, and is useless to us at the moment. It is only 5 years old, and cost us a great deal of money. We feel extremely let down.
Jul 31, 2012
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What a shame, I hope you get it sorted out soon
Apr 24, 2012
Hi just another thought. Trading Standards might be the people you need to speak to. You've made a big investment here, so you need to talk to as many people as possible. Does the actual dealer have something to say about it?


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