Freelander help

Jul 14, 2005
Hi Guys

I have just noticed a slight smell of antifreeze withinn the "cab area" of my Freelander Tdi. Has anyone out there had a similar problem?

I contacted my dealers and they say that the heater matrix which is in the centre of the footwell area will have a slight leak but everything is dry and I have no water loss. Any ideas as I am off to France in 2 weeks.

Mar 14, 2005
Agree with Sharon - but would suggest as well. Both LRO and LRe mags run excellent Forums.

Have you tried measuring the water level over time? If it goes down it is going somewhere. There are leak sealing liguids but do be careful which ones you choose as some water pumps are sensitive.

FINALY - are you certain it is not the windscreen washer additive you are smelling?? I changed mine to the "Autoglim" brand at the weekend and could not believe the smell when I used the wipers yeaterday.

Might be worth checking.


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