Mar 14, 2005
Having spent yet another wet and windy weekend in the UK, can anyone let me know if caravans are tested against strong winds and if so to what speed. This will put 'er indoors and the kids at ease as they didn't sleep too well with the van rocking to the extent it was. Has anyone any experience of caravanning in strong winds, what devices do you all have to make it a more pleasant experience?
Mar 14, 2005
Only experienced it once very uncomfortable indeed - I solved the problem by turning the nose of the van into the wind - stopped a lot of the rocking.


Mar 14, 2005
Ian, caravans are not subjected to wind tunnel testing, after all, they are about as aerodynamic as a brick.

If you have the corner steadies down firmly, in theory it shouldnt rock too much, unless your on soft ground, in which case the force of the wind will push one side into the ground somewhat, and allow the van to rock in ever larger amounts.

When it comes to what wind speeds, a caravan is the same as a high sided vehicle, if its too strong for them to venture out safely, its too strong for a caravan, so your looking at winds of about Force 7 and upwards, depending whether your protected by something like high hedges, or not, and wheteher your travelling through a place that funnels the wind, like through a valley or similar, or going through a place affected by cross winds, like costal roads and such like.
Mar 14, 2005
Hi Ian,

Steve is quite right park the caravans nose straight into the wind also if you can park near a thickish hedge that will help also when you are near a hedge the ground can be drier.Enjoy your caravan its one hell of a good hobby.Jim


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