Going away.............Want a weather report?

May 24, 2014
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Are you planning on taking the caravan away?
Would you like a weather report for the next 12 months?
Then ring your energy supplier.

I have just been looking at renewing my tarrif and the new figures came as a shock. So it had to be queried.

Sir, we base our prediction on your recent usage.
But last winter was particualrly savage, do you have a window where you are.
Yes sir, but its the model we use.
So you predict this winter, I will use more energy than last winter.
Yes sir.
Im in a ruddy tee shirt. Last year I was in 10 feet of snow.
Yes sir. And we also have to take into account the predictions for the next 12 months weather from the MET office.
So there you have it. The MET office officialy CAN predict accurately the weather for the next 12 months.
Looking out of the window, I recall two weeks ago, they predicted heavy snow this week.
Nov 16, 2015
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Thingy said:
Simple ! Look out the window and the weather is what it is !!

Yup, if you cant see the hills its raining. If you can see the hills, its going to rain.

This is Britain afterall.

If you can see the hills but not the caravan, your in a pub, hopefully.
Sep 26, 2018
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Being a keen sailor I am VERY interested in weather and use a number of forecasts.
There aren't many free met models, so in practical terms there are only three sources of the underlying data; the Met Office, and two US models - GFS & WRF. Nearly all the weather services available on the web use the latter two, and the only difference is how many of the daily runs they use (some only use one, others two or more). Over the years, my experience is that Met Office is the most accurate (to be expected as their model is focussed on the UK and the "immediate" surroundings). The current BBC weather provider is NO LONGER the Met Office, they now use Meteo group who in Sept were taken over by a private Swiss company...


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