Heating the caravan with battery

Mar 14, 2005
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I was wondering if I could heat the van with blow air heating using the battery. I thought of setting thermostat to about 3 degrees, it would be a good way of keeping the caravan heated during the winter months to keep the cold and damp out. Any thoughts on this would be much appeciated.


You have mentioned 'blow air', therefore you are considering some form of fan. This is likely to flatten the battery faster than the heat output, so you are screwed before you start.

Basically the low temperature is not the problem. It is anything in the van than is likely to suffer as a consequence, so removal of the majority of items, such as upholstery etc will ensure your van stays fine through out the winter. Visitng the van at least once a month will also allow you to ensure evrything is fine. In the spring re-install everything and take the van out for a weekend to restore the 'liveability' factor.
Nov 6, 2005
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Cold air in winter, has much less actual moisture content than warm air in summer. The ambient relative humidity may be higher but that relates to saturation point which is much lower in cold air.

As long as your van doesn't leak, damp won't be a problem.

In any case a caravan has sufficient fixed ventilation that any air you heat would soon be replaced by outside, cold, air.