Hello everyone

Sep 4, 2019
Just wanted to say hello to everyone on this great forum.
Myself and my wife are newbies to Touring, having bought a Lunar Clubman SI (2015) back in May, followed by a Merc C250 estate to tow it with in June ;)
So far we've been on 5 mini-breaks around the midlands to get used to towing and setting up, although we've tried to make it as easy as possible for ourselves, as we tend to only go to fully serviced pitches and the caravan came fitted with hydraulic leveling and an air awning..
Some may say that takes half the fun out of it, but speaking with friends that have been caravanning for some time beforehand, they say it should also take half the arguments out of the setting up too :woohoo: ha ha.
Never knew that touring and towing was so complicated until I got into it... but reading the info on this forum, as well as some you tube channels etc now I've got a bit more knowledge on different tow bars, electrics, brakes, nose weight, MIRO, MTPLM, Kerb weight, water sterilisation, H/V polarisation of tv transmitters etc etc, I feel a bit more confident.
So far, I've also dismantled my Dometic toilet, as the pump stopped working, fixed a small leak on the toilet cassette and changed the kitchen tap and pipework, as the tap had actually split (probably frost damage) and was leaking water all over the kitchen counter.... so now feel I'm getting into the true spirit of caravanning.
Am sure still plenty more learning to do though, with your help ;)
Nov 16, 2015
Yes welcome to the forum, just as you think you have everything under your belt, something else jumps out to challenge you. Happy touring.


Nov 12, 2009
Hi Jez, it's good to know that this forum has provided good practical information to help you.
Happy caravanning :)
Feb 17, 2018
Hi TJ, welcome to the forum, you will get loads of tips & help from the members here, not me cos im new aswell. :blush:
Nov 16, 2015
GrizzlyBathplug said:
Hi TJ, welcome to the forum, you will get loads of tips & help from the members here, not me cos im new aswell. :blush:

It's sometimes the newcomers to caravanning, that brings up new things that need enlightening.
After someone was mentioning about the main battery fuse, I realised I didn't know where mine was, as the van is back from storage and on the drive way, found it, and its hidden under a rats nest of wires.
So something I have to rectify after my trip to Elm Cottage for The Woosie Fest.There is always something to do.


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