Apr 14, 2016
Hi everyone, just introducing myself, Im Daz, proud Dad of 3 kids with my partner Carole. Live in Wrexham, North Wales and started caravanning April 2016 with a 1999 Lunar Solar Eclipse 525, had 6 outings until August bank holiday and love the caravanning experience. I tow with a VW Touran 2007 1.9PD. Furthest Ive been is Chertsey, London and closest is Manorwood Caravan Park 7 miles away. Just changed my van to a 2007 Adria Altea 542UK after seeing my kids grow at an alarming rate and needed bigger beds, 1 outing so far and all is fab excpet had a problem with my windows on it and found information and help a bit scarce for the Adria compared to the Lunar but we have overcome hopefully. Thinking of starting an Adria info site as they are becoming quite popular but didnt realise until after purchasing how scarce these are. My family love going to Barmouth, Gwynedd and especially Hendre-Mynych, 5 times in 2years as our main holiday. We are on a budget and for me caravanning gives the best holiday for the least money, set up is a lot but now were here its fab, Would love to see a list of budget family friendly campsites from practical caravanning and Im willing to help seek out cost friendly sites with maximum entertainment for the kiddy winks. Any suggestions greatly accepted and appreciated..... Nice to meet you all.
Nov 16, 2015
Welcome Lemoso, nice intro from yourself, lots of help on here if you need it, even answers about the dreaded nose weights. . Most of all enjoy with the family.


Mar 17, 2007
Hi. Welcome to the forum. Been to Hendre mynach in the past. Great site (notwithstanding the hill in and out).


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