Hi All

Jul 3, 2020
Thought I say hi..

Well what year so Far...

Never thought that my caravan would be stollen off the drive during lockdown, nor would I anticipate that my dogs would be doped to keep them quiet... But sadly that is what happened. Thankfully we were insured,....

So having to replace everything and start from scratch....

The new Caravan is almost ready to pick up....

Need to sort out an awing, but we don't want a full one, and looking for an Air Awing.... Not the easiest of feats due to know rail hight, rail straight length, what will fit around windows etc! But do need an awing for my 2 dogs..

A long list of 'items needed'.

A week away booked, which on one hand I'm so looking forward to, but on the other anxious due to venturing out to an area that we don't know well, still nearish to home but....

But there again as a keen wildlife photographer, I should have a chance to get the camera out all be it, having dogs in tow... Something I've really missed not being out and about....


Mar 17, 2007
Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear of your misfortune. Still, the excitement of a new caravan, plus restocking it , “knowing what you know now”., got to be good. Enjoy your break away; I guess most of us will be a bit unsure after all this time in lockdown ; but someone’s got to save the tourism industry. 😀
Jan 3, 2012
Sorry to hear of your caravan got stolen but i have two dogs and we have a porch awning for them to go in it a Vango varkala II 280 air awning if you need any caravan accessories have a look on preloved, gumtree, and ebay
Jul 3, 2020
Thanks for the Welcome.

I've taken a look at various sites for a possible local available awing, so far proved fruitless. and looking a bit further afield, by the time I put in travel costs and time, it be more cost effective to purchase new from local dealer.

But yes, we've learnt a lot with our old caravan, that because there's only 2 of us and the dogs, that with a bigger caravan we don't need a full size Awing, just somewhere to feed the dogs, and somewhere for them to stay while they dry out if wet, and we can hang any wet coats if needs be.



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